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Daryl L. Hunter • Author/Photographer/Speaker/Guide

phtographer, Yosemite, Daryl L. Hunter
On the job in Yosemite National Park

The Hole Picture Photo Safaris destination workshop photo tours, since I was a photographer, were a natural progression from the interpretative  tours I have been leading around Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park since 1988. Since I arrives in 1997  "The Hole Picture Photography" my freelance photography business has taken me to most corners of the Greater Yellowstone Eco-system, throughout the west, and increasingly around the world.

My photography, wildlife video and feature stories have been published by Passion Planet, National Geographic, Audubon, Outside Magazine, Snow Country, Outdoor life, Esquire Sports, New York Dailey News, Outdoor Photographer Magazine, Bugle Magazine, U.S.A. Today, Musher Magazine, Mother Jones, Yes Magazine, Mule Deer Foundation Magazine, Muley Crazy, International Wolf Magazine, a Toyota campaign, Fly-fisherman, Idaho Magazine, Western Byways, Last Fronter Magazine, Wyoming Lifestyle, ets, blah, blah, blah.. As a stock photographer My photographs have been published all over the world. I have been a featured speaker at military bases in Europe and Asia.I have put one of my speaking presentations on line. See Here

When I was a wander lusting young man I would often find myself in beautiful places, so I bought a camera so I could document my wanderlust. 1n 1987 I packed up my Toyo 4X5 view camera, Pentex 6X7 medium format camera, and my 35-millimeter cameras and headed to Jackson Hole Wyoming, one of the best places on earth to be an outdoor photographer.

Jackson Hole abuts Grand Teton National Park which abuts Yellowstone National Park and combined their embarrassment of riches for wildlife and scenery is truly stunning. The photography got me to the Greater Yellowstone region but it was more than that which made me stay. Jackson Hole is full of active lifestyle types, fly-fishing, hunting, whitewater sports, horseback riding, etc. I became a freelance guide as well, fly-fishing, snowmobile, park tour guiding, and horseback wrangling my way to beautiful pictures all over the area and throughout the spectrum of activities in the area. The geographic wonders of the Yellowstone region are fascinating as well with Grand Tetons being rapidly built by the Teton earthquake fault at its base and the volcanic dynamics of Yellowstone are a constant fascination to an information junkie like myself.

Daryl L. Hunter, Green River Lakes, Square Top Mountains, Photography
ON the job in the Wind river Mounatains

My freelance photography bifurcated to include graphic design work, which opened the door to web publishing requiring that I learned to write. I publish the Greater Yellowstone Resource Guide which is really why I have sought out as many corners of the Greater Yellowstone region as is possible by a guy with too many irons in the fire.

I lead photography and wildlife tours because I love being out there, and I love sharing my backyard with folks who will treasure the memories of our trip for the rest of their lives. I also have discovered that by doing tours, my portfolio has fattened up exponentially as the customers enable me to be in the field more. Some do not like a guide that works on his portfolio as he guides; however, most of my guests have found that where I want to be, is also where they are very happy they were along as I fattened my portfolio.  That said; guests and students come first.

Portfolio - Daryl L. Hunter - Images by Daryl Hunter

Jim Osterhout has joined forces with me to serve the increasing demands for the services of The Hole Picture Photo Safaris. Jim is a successful fine art print photographer who incidently is my travel partner when we aren't guiding. Jim has helped me with tours all over the American West and Canada. During our years of travel Jim has extracted everthing I know to add to has already voluminous knowledge base of photography, Grand Teton Park and Yellowstone.

Check out his website and reviews on Trip Advisor.

Swan Valley Photo

Daryl L. Hunter, Geo Magazine, France

Daryl L. Hunter, Mushing Magazine

Plainsberg South Africa, on Safari
On Safari


Gear To Bring

Photo equipment, gear, and essential belongings, participants should bring. Preparation is the key to any successful photographic adventure so I have put together the following list of items to bring with you when attending one of our Photo Tours. Understanding our photo tours are scheduled at various times of the year and at various locations, the following list should be considered your basic essentials:   More Here

Instructive articles and funny stories from Daryl's Blog

I am sometimes hired to speak about photography, here I have modified my Power Point presentation for the web.  I show how I shoot, wildlife, landscape, lifestyle and travel.  I present in a simple way, photographic basics such as composition and exposure. Simple graphics drive the lesson home.

In my years of giving half-day wildlife safari and photo tours I have learned to convey essential basic photography skills in a very short amount of time.  I have boiled process down to simplicity, and many appreciate it. Too many instructors try to impress their students with their immense breadth of knowledge, I simply want folks to understand how simple photography can be. ---- See Presentation

Daryl L. Hunter - Photography according to me, photography basics
On Safari, Kruger National Park
On safari in Krugher National Park

Africa Photo Safari
I have always wanted to go to Africa, but it is a long way away, and it is expensive to get there, I had to figure out a way. ......... rest of story

Winter Photography in Jackson Hole
A  frosty sublime; winter in Jackson Hole and Grand Teton Park is a special time. The snow showed valleys, and towering peaks create an ambiance much different from summer. Gone are the crowds of summer, buried are the remnants of wildflowers, gone are the leaves of the deciduous trees, replaces by a carpet of snow and an exponential essence of wilderness. Crisp delicious air fills your lungs as you fumble with gloved hands to adjust your equipment to capture a frozen moment of alpenglow of the mountains reflecting brightly against the snowy white canvas of the peaks...... rest of article

Living a richer life without any money
Since purchasing my first camera, I have been living a visual feast that has cost me a real estate career in a lucrative Southern California market. My scenery seemed to always be just over the next hill somewhere; cityscapes just were not my kind of inspiration. I soon tired of local beach sunsets and disturbingly enough; the sun bathing beauties scattered about. It wasn't long before I was traveling farther a field................ rest of article

Photographic Composition
One of the things that differentiate a great photograph from an ordinary one is composition. You don't take a great photograph you make it. Composition is how objects or subjects are placed in the shot. Good pictures result from careful attention the basic elements of composition   .........  rest of article

Quick Start Guide for Manual Mode Photography
One of the many hats I wear to keep my life afloat is that of Wildlife Safari Guide in Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park. Most tours are not photography tours however, everyone brings a camera. Me as a pro photographer and instructor I often teach those willing to listen while we travel between moose, pronghorn and hopefully bears. I have worked out a simple way to communicate intuitive shooting for manual mode I share with my guests. Yes it is abbreviated, yes it is over-simplified, and yes it works. Quick Start Guide for Manual Mode Photography ~ Shooting on the manual mode setting isn't as hard as most people think because they haven't given it any thought. Today's DSLRs have opened the door to shortcuts, I love shortcuts!....................  rest of article

Bear spray really works
Bear spray really works

Bear Spray Really Works
One fine spring afternoon while searching for grizzly bears in Grand Teton National Park, I spotted two grizzlies in a meadow west of the highway. Unfortunately, they were about two hundred yards away, too far for good grizzly pictures so I decided to close the gap a bit.  ...................   rest of story

Photographic Exposure Basics
One of the most important aspects of being able to communicate the essese of our vision through a photograph is the proper use of light. While there are certainly many other aspects of great photography, if the light is wrong, nothing else will work! Nature photographers often speak about seeking out certain light conditions or only shooting in specific types of light. Light has a triple nature for the photographer to factor: color, direction, and quality. Photography is capturing light which is exposure.    .............. rest of article

Hungry Wolves
On the tree line ahead I saw a cow elk peacefully grazing across the meadow of sagebrush about one hundred yards away, and I kept watching her as I poked along. Prey animals will tell you by their behavior if predators are near then suddenly she broke into a run for her life. Without seeing them but knowing the wolves were chasing her because of her panic I threw my car into park, jumped out and sat in the sagebrush for a low perspective so I could include the snow capped mountains in the photo and fired toward the action. ...................  rest of story

Search for Serendipity, the photographer's quest
Luck favors the prepared mind, as does serendipity. Webster's definition-Serendipity; 'an apparent aptitude for making fortunate discoveries accidentally.' Audacious, is the photographer who chooses to make his living stalking serendipity from one location to another then back again hoping to capture light as it has never been captured before or tougher yet as they may have captured it in the past. But that is what we nature photographers do, and that is what we live for. ...........  rest of article

Three hungry wolves, Grand Teton Natonal Park
What's for breakfast?

Wolf Chase 
About three quarters around my loop I stopped to photograph a six point bull looking for the ladies and while photographing him a black wolf walked into the frame, stopped, posed then moved out of the frame. How fortuitous, I love it when serendipity smiles upon me! ............. rest of story

Yellowstone Dinner Party
Wolves and grizzly bears  (Video) –  A  series of events that doesn't happen that did.  I captured this incredible footage while leading a private tour in Yellowstone. ............ see video

A Cheechaco's Alaska - a retrospective
A funny retrospective about my first year in Alaska, and my transormation from California kid to dog sled racing Alaskan.  Has nothing to do with photography but a good read published in Mushing Magazine. ............. the story

My Free Horse 
I am a man of ever changing interests and around 2004 I was transitioning from fly-fishing maniac back to cowboy imposter, horses and trail riding. I had been dwelling around the river valleys and canyon streams chasing trout long enough, it was time to re-acquaint myself with the unpredictable adrenaline rush horses often provide while expediting my exponentially ample ass up the mountain trails to the sublime subalpine regions of our high mountains, a place I am reluctant to propel myself under my own power. I started collecting some horses for the kids and myself. ...................  rest of story