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Swimming Grizzly Bear and cub, reflection, forest

Bull bison, Grand Tetons, Grand Teton National Park, Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Grand Teton Bison

Wildlife Photo Safaris are available in Grand Teton Park, your camera phone is enough. A  half day wildlife photo safari is $595.00 and a full day is $1,095. (ten hours)  Dawn to dusk $1,295. These are private tours.

The wildlife is the biological essence of the park and the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem of which Grand Tetons is a part. Our abundant and diverse wildlife are as famous as spectacular peaks and geysers. When we think of Grand Teton, first we think of granite spires then we think of bears but its true embarrassment of riches is the sheer number of all along the food chain which makes the Grand Teton National Park such a special place. Nowhere in the Lower 48 is there more abundant wildlife than in the greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

While looking for wildlife, a naturel history lesson of the geology and history of the parks will be shared.

My first trip to the  Grand Tetons was a shocker, as I had no idea of the breadth of species that made this region their home. Having lived in the wilds of Alaska I was surprised to find a wider variety of accessible animals in what was a fraction of the footprint.

Bull Moose, Grand Tetons, jackson Hole, Wyoming, Photo Safari
Bull moose under the Grand Tetons

The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem is a showcase of nature like no other; it is one of the largest "intact" ecosystems remaining in the temperate zones of the world. The vast nature reserves and wildernesses in the GYE support a full complement of native birds and mammals, including predators such as grizzly bear and some of the last large herds of migratory ungulates in North America.

Every season brings its own seasonal magic. Although spring is really just an extension of winter in the high country this is when the bears come out of hibernation and are concentrated in the valleys where they become photo fodder for the many who know this is the time to be here for bears. This is also the best time to see wolves up close and personal as the mountaintops are under deep snow, and the prey animals are also concentrated in the valley bottoms.

Grizzly 399, Grand Teton National park
Famous grizzly sow #399

Summer brings the baby animals and the green of what most places get in the spring. This is also the breeding season of grizzlies which is when the grizzly sows kick out their sub adult two-year old cubs; this can provide some comical relief as they try to figure stuff out on their own. The Bison start their breeding season in August so many bull fights are to be seen,  but what I get the biggest kick out of is the bellering of the bulls, it is quite funny

Fall brings the matting season of the elk, deer, and moose. First are the elk which I believe is one of the greatest shows in nature. Followed by the Moose and deer rut, all which present the bulls and bucks in their grandest state.

Winter’s harsh conditions usher in the season of survival of the fittest and many opportunities for capturing the struggle is all around.

Lone wolf, Grand Teton Park

Life and death throughout the gamut of the food chain is on display in nature’s survival of the fittest. Yellowstone is a commonly cited example of apex predators affecting an ecosystem. After the reintroduction of the gray wolf in 1995, researchers observed drastic changes occurring. Elk, the primary prey of the gray wolf, became less abundant and changed their behavior, freeing riparian zones from constant grazing. The respite allowed willows and aspens to grow, creating habitat for beaver, moose, and scores of other species. In addition to the effects on prey species, the gray wolf's presence also affected the park's grizzly bear population. The bears, emerging from hibernation, chose to scavenge off wolf kills to gain needed energy and fatten up after fasting for months. Dozens of other species have been documented scavenging from wolf kills.

Wilderness and the critters who live there have great importance for to the human need to experience and explore the unknown, to experience adventure and solitude. Nature and wilderness open us up to a certain kind of beauty, and a certain kind of awe and wonder. There is great joy in experiencing nature.

Many can’t or don’t venture into the wilderness and that is why there are photographers, so armchair adventures can vicariously venture forth with the aid of documentaries and coffee table books so collectively we can all be involved in the appreciation of our diminishing gifts.

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Kruger National Park &
Sabie Sands Game Preserve
private tours can be arranged.

I have crafted an affordable photo safari in a traditionally expensive part of Kruger National Park. Our safari will be based out of a permanent safari camp (with showers and air conditioning) at Sabi Sands Game Preserve which abuts Kruger National Park, the largest National Park in Africa...........more info


Leopard, blue hour, glowing, Kruger National Park, Sabi Sands Game Reserve, South Africa
Sabi Sands Leopard
Cheetah, Kruger National Park, South Africa
Masa Mara Cheetah


Masai Mara Photo Safari Private Tour
Optional Safari Extension,A trip to Amboseli National Park for Mt. Kilimanjaro and elephants.

Longtime wildlife tour leader Daryl Hunter has crafted an affordable photo safari in a traditionally expensive part of the Masai Mara Game National Park which as actually an extension of the more famous Serrengeti. Jeniffer Hall will bring her wildlife expertice along also, Jen has been to Kenya several times before.

Our safari will be based out of a permanent safari camp (with showers and air conditioning). Daryl is a resident photo safari guide in Yellowstone/Grand Teton and he has been leading wildlife photography tours for years.  And one thing both Daryl is known for is his ability to make a photo shoot fun. We will be accompanied by local African guides who track wildlife daily and know where to find them in the best lighting situations........ More info

The Grandeur of
Grand Teton National Park

The GrandThe Grand Tetons were what drew me to Wyoming for a photography trip, the Jackson Hole Ski Resort and Yellowstone National Park made me stay. Like Yellowstone, Grand Teton Park is deserving of a bucket load of superlatives also and many will soon follow. As a long time guide I am often asked which park I like best, and my reply is, I like them equally for different reasons, Grand Teton Park is more beautiful and Yellowstone has cooler stuff in it.eur of Grand Teton National Park....................................Read More on my Blog

hitching birds take in the view of the Grand Tetons
from a buffalo's back


Wildlife-Yellowstone - Images by Daryl Hunter